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Sugarloaf Mountain Golf Course
Orlando, FL Opened 2008 (18 Holes)

Sugarloaf Mountain rests on a former orange grove rehabilitated with live oaks and native grasses. The site is surprisingly hilly with the clubhouse situated atop the highest point on the Florida peninsula. Broad contours lend the place a big, expansive feel. Yet, one of the more intimate spots on the course is my green at the short one-shot eleventh.

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The eleventh green during grow-in

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Id recently tracked in the eleventh green in this picture. The tee shot is not much more than a pitch. The short distance demanded a small green. Bill and Bens only direction was to get the thing up in the air. The result is a soft, but constantly moving putting surface with steep sides and bunkers cut right up to its perimeter.

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The stiff seventh plays uphill and is well exposed to a crosswind from the left. As seen by the bunker placement, players are given a wide berth around the spacious green to endure this challenge.

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While the green rests below, piles await on the downhill thirteenth to provide contour and support.

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People Are Talking:

"Dave Zinkand is an able-bodied associate of ours, and he is desirous of furthering his career in golf course architecture. He is thoughtful and thorough, and his skill with the "blade" has given us a great deal of satisfaction. Dave is patient and possesses enough skill to work out a problem with care and respect to detail - always working with the natural ground at his disposal.

We highly recommend Dave to whomever he might help, given his experience at working with varied and different locales."

- Ben Crenshaw